Thursday 17 June 2010

Cartoon 55: Black and White

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This is going to my last Humboldt strip for a while. I love writing them and I've really developed a soft spot for the crazy bird, but I'm working on a heap of other things at the moment and he's going to have to take a break.

I'll shortly be unveiling a new blog where I'll be talking about cartooning, science and communication. Oh yes, and it wouldn't be me if there wasn't something to do with the sea in there too! I'll let you know as soon as it's up and running.

...and don't worry, Humboldt will be back!


Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Oh sigh...I just started following you and now you are quitting.
Ahhhhhh what is a girl to do.
Well, I will be back to see what is new with you. Take care.

Anonymous said...
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Bren Romans said...

Sorry Naila! I will write some more Humboldt strips in a while - I just have some things I need to do right now. Thanks for following!